Stephanie Glover is a food and parenting  blogger living in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Stephanie Glover started blogging back in 2007 when she was preparing for the arrival of her first child. Since then, she has expanded A Grande Life to cover all things parenting and lifestyle, including yummy recipes and info on the hottest toys! When she’s not blogging, you’ll find her enjoying a hot cup of coffee and living a boy mom life.

Stephanie is also an award-winning photographer in the Philadelphia area, and has been capturing stunning images of families since 2009. A total Nikon junkie, Stephanie’s passion for photography has led to a beautiful career that has garnered the attention of Main Line Parent Magazine and Kodak.

She has worked with brands such as Albertson, Alamo, EverCrisp, UPMC, Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, Best Buy, and Bob’s Red Mill. 

Stephanie is also freelance writer and photographer, community manager, and brand ambassador. She currently sits on the Toy Insider Parent Advisory Panel and is an ambassador for Albertson and HersheyPark. She has been featured on Buzzfeed, SoFab Food, PopSugar, and Parade Magazine.